Nan Inc - Top Ranked Hawaii Contractor

Nan Inc - Top Ranked Hawaii Contractor

Since 1999, Building Industry magazine has continually ranked Nan, Inc. amongst Hawaii's Top 25 Contractors.

  • Leeward Oahu, Nan, Inc. and Relay for Life

    Leeward Oahu, especially Kapolei is a growing area. And in April 2014, Nan, Inc. worked with the American Cancer Society at Kapolei High School for a Relay for Life event. This event focused on celebrating lives of people battling cancer, remember loved ones lost to cancer, and finding a way to battle the disease that has take so many lives. Re…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. donates $300,000 to Mukti-Mancha Foundation in Bangladesh

    Sometimes here in the islands of Hawaii, we tend to think only of Oahu and the outer islands as needing donations and support. It’s natural to be wrapped up on the need that we see around us. There are moments though when we are moved to look outside of our island world and see those who need our help and support. Nan, Inc. is committed to e…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. donates $80,000 to Hawaii Pacific University

    Hawaii Pacific University is one of the few private universities in Hawaii. It’s also a small university and does not have the typical athletic facilities of what one might expect from a university setting. That being said, their soccer team is about to get an upgrade to their program. Being a locally owned company, Nan, Inc. has an unrivale…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. Employees Donate to Nepal Disaster Relief

    In a time when job-seekers are looking for the best place to work; that perfect company, which will give them the perfect salary, the best benefits, the most paid time time off, childcare, and the longest maternity and paternity leave, Nan, Inc. employees are looking to make the company the work at a better place. Selflessly, Nan, Inc. employees…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. Employees Tour Kapiolani Medical Center's Renovations

    Kapiolani Medical Center has been under renovation for quite some time. A few lucky, Nan, Inc. employees were given a first look at the updated and new facilities. Nan, Inc. employees were given a tour of Kapiolani Medical Center’s renovations by Kapiolani’s Director of Philanthropy and Hawaii Pacific Health’s Senior Vice President to un…read more.
  • Nan, Inc. Lends Support to Hawaii Rush Soccer Club

    Hawaii companies who support local organizations are truly the lifeblood of our unique island community. Without financial support, many of our beloved organizations would not be able to do the good work that they accomplish year after year. Nan, Inc. Foundation donates annually to the general operations of Hawaii Rush Soccer Club and annually …read more.
  • Nan, Inc. Project Engineer Salaries by

    According to, last updated October 2016, project engineer salaries at prominent construction company, Nan, Inc. range from $41,000 to $68,000. Bonuses range from $300 to $5,600. These data points are based on eight posted salaries. This means eight Nan, Inc. project engineers posted their salaries anonymously on in orde…read more.
  • Nan, Inc.’s donation of $25,000 will fund The Armed Services YMCA’s “Celebrating the Military Family”

    For whatever reason, sometimes our military families are not given the respect and honor that they deserve. Seeing this was a need, the Armed Services YMCA stepped in to form a way to honor military families. Showing military families that our community values and thanks them for all that they do for us without asking for anything in return is t…read more.
  • New Aiea Public Library Built by Nan, Inc.

    Libraries are the epicenter of democracy and learning in communities. Libraries provide anyone access to computers, DVDs, books, e-Books, lectures, presentations, art exhibits, and opportunities to expand knowledge. The new Aiea Public Library serves as a new Hawaii landmark. It’s design is a step forward for libraries built in Hawaii. It is…read more.
  • Owner of Nan, Inc., Patrick Shin Has a Special Connection to St. Francis Healthcare

    In December 2013, Patrick Shin of Nan, Inc. presented St. Francis Healthcare Foundation of Hawaii with a check for $1 million dollars. This type of charitable generosity is typical of the contracting giant, which plays a big role in Hawaii’s building community. Patrick Shin, owner of Nan, Inc., said, “St. Francis has a special place in my …read more.