Everything You Need To Know about the Founder of Nan Inc.

Nan Inc is owned by Patrick Shin (also known as Nan Chul Shin, which is his Korean name). He’s still the current CEO of this Hawaiian construction company. The company is growing at a rapid speed. On this site we will share a bit more about Patrick’s personal stories, his background, and his motivation as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Patrick Shin (Right) shaking the hand of a doctor at Kapiolani Medical Center after donating one million dollars.

Patrick Shin: Background Story

Nan, Inc. was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii by Mr. Patrick “Nan Chul” Shin. Last year, the company has celebrated its 30 years of existance. It all started as a modest dream, but Nan Inc construction quickly grew to one of the top general contracting businesses on the islands of Hawaii.

Patrick Shin always had a dream of becoming a business owner. He also wanted to help building the future of Hawaii. He achieved his dream, and currently is in a position to give back to the people of Hawaii through different charities. Of course, it took a long time and a lot of hustle to get to the point where he is at today. His beginnings where very humble, with only himself and one other laborer at his side, he started to build his company.

At the start, Nan Inc only received small construction projects. He needed to build a name for himself before bigger projects would contact him. He took these small projects on with a lot of determination and integrity. His first ever contract was the installation of a single road sign. This is a big contrast with the projects he is receiving today in 2021.

Today, Nan Inc has grown to become Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated general contractor. This is no small feat. Nan Inc and the team of Patrick Shin have the capacity and expertise to execute the most complex projects.

What Type of Construction Projects?

Nan Inc specializes in a wide range of content.

Some of the construction services they offer are:

  • Preconstruction
  • General Contracting
  • Design-Build Services
  • Custom Projects

Nan Inc owner Patrick Shin is committed to deliver excellence and integrity. He’s being mindful of all clients and every project. On this website, you can learn more about his history, his projects, and even some personal information that we only share in this website.

Nan Inc – Best Workplace on Hawaii.

Our number 1 priority at our company is to built a work environment where people can learn and grow from each other. Our human capital is our most important resource.

We invest a lot of energy to make sure Nan Inc is the best workplace there is on Honolulu, Hawaii. Learning from each other, and having fun while doing so, is our goal at Nan Inc.

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