About Nan Chul Shin

On this page you will find more info about Nan Chul Shin, the CEO and owner of Nan Inc. Everything you need to know about the owner, and why we created this website can be found here.

Let’s start with explaining my personal story and history.

Our Story

Nan Inc Owner Nan Chul Shin Receives Prestigious Honor from Lockheed Martin
Nan Chul Shin Receiving Prestigious Honor

The construction company Nan Inc was founded by Nan Chul Shin. Here we will talk about our history and why we decided to start a construction company. But we need to start from the beginning, so you have a better understanding of our history.

People nowadays call him Patrick Shin, but his real Korean name is actually Nan Chul Shin. He was born in South Korea, and always had a dream of strating a construction agency. That dream and motivation got stronger and stronger every year.

In 1990, Nan Chul Shin, finally took the risk to make his dream a reality. He started his company “Nan Inc” on the island of Hawaii. Their company is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. What started as an innocent dream, soon become reality many years later.

Of course, the road ahead wasn’t always easy and he had some struggles over the years. At the beginning, he basically took on any project that he could find. The first couple of construction projects were very small, but he decided to take on everything with a lot of passion and drive. Year-over-year his company grew bigger and bigger. Today, Nan Inc works on some of the biggest mult-million dollar projects that are available on the islands of Hawaii.

Currently the company has been successful for over 3 decades. Patrick Shin and his team have worked extensively on this company. Thanks to this, the grew the company to the success it is today.

As mentioned above, Nan Chul Shin his roots are from South Korea. However, this hasn’t stopped him from helping to build the future of Hawaii. He What started as an innocent dream, soon became reality many years later. Of course, the road ahead wasn’t always easy. Patrick started with some of the smallest construction projects with a lot of passion and drive. Year-over-year his company grew bigger and bigger. In the beginning, there weren’t any employees either. It was just himself and one additional worker.

About This Website

This website Nan Inc Owner was created by Nan Chul Shin (also called “Patrick Shin”) and some of his experienced office staff. We created this webstie with the goal to tell some personal stories about the owner’s life of Nan Inc (you can find charity stories and other news too). Since construction is our passion, we will also discuss different projects that Nan Inc has done. We will take a personal approach here as well and discuss the challenges, the work that we needed to do, the way we planned things and so on. We hope you learn something new thanks to this website.

What is our main goal?

Our main goal is to shape the future of Hawaii. We always give back to the community of Hawaii, since that’s one of our main values. We also like to

Recently, we also were mentioned in this WBOC article about how we gave back to the community in Hawaii during Covid-19.

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