About Nan Inc Owner

Here you can find more info about Patrick Shin (CEO and owner of Nan Inc)

Our Story

The website Nan Inc Owner was created by Patrick Shin and some of his experienced office staff. This website was created with the goal to tell personal stories about the life of Patrick Shin (you can find charity stories and other news too). We will also discuss different projects that Nan Inc has done.

As mentioned above, Nan Inc was founded by Patrick Shin. He always had the dream of starting his construction company one day. In 1990, his dream became a reality and he founded Nan Inc on the island of Hawaii (our company is based in Honolulu, Hawaii).

For more than 3 decades, Patrick Shin and his team have worked extensively on this company. Thanks to this, they grew the company to the success it is today.

What is our main goal?

Our main goal is to shape the future of Hawaii. We always give back to the community of Hawaii, since that’s one of our main values. We also like to

Recently, we also were mentioned in this WBOC article about how we gave back to the community in Hawaii during Covid-19.

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