Every Nan Inc Lawsuit Explained

Every Nan Inc Lawsuit Explained

Nan Inc has received a couple of lawsuits over the years. All our cases have been cleared up. In this article we will explain everything that you should know about this. Our Recent Lawsuit Win This year (2021), we had our recent lawsuit win. In 2019, we were suid by a former employer of us, … Read more

Nan, Inc. and Caddell Construction: Celebrating a Successful Collaboration

Nan Inc and Caddell Construction

Some 4,400 miles separate Honolulu, Hawaii and Montgomery, Alabama. At first glance, the two locales might not seem to have much in common. But appearances can be deceiving as evidenced by the successful joint venture forged over 10 years ago between Honolulu-based Nan, Inc. and Montgomery-based Caddell Construction. The Origins of a Great Partnership Explained … Read more

Honouliuli Middle School’s Fresh Beginning

Honouliuli Middle School’s Fresh Beginning

The West Oahu landscape has experienced significant change over the past few years. Among those are several new housing developments going up in the Honouliuli area that will add to the region’s growing population. At the end of this development boom, approximately 12,000 homes will be added to the area, which is the driving force … Read more

Sky-High Plans in the Heart of Honolulu

High Rises Honolulu

This article is a popular article also posted in our last Nan Inc newsletter (Summer of 2020). Whether its building rail stations, a school, or a massive new sewer facility, Nan Inc and its dedicated workers have never been afraid to blaze new trails. And thanks in large part to our owner Patrick Nan Shin, … Read more

Nan Inc is Expanding Pacific Footprint

Pacific Footprints

Crossing the Pacific, Oahu-based Nan, Inc.’s first introduction to Guam was in 1998 through a $6M designbuild indefinite-quantity task order project to design, demolish, and repair typhoon-damaged hangars—a major project and a major leap for our company which was relatively small at that time. Several years would pass before we were able to perform significant … Read more

Patrick Shin talks about railway lawsuits

Patrick Shin, owner of construction company Nan Inc, has been under attack by false and untrue lawsuits. That’s why he decided to create a website called Nan Inc Lawsuit.  That website explains more about the frivolous lawsuits brought against Nan Inc, and you can read more about the apology letters from the plaintiffs in those cases. … Read more

Important Values of Patrick Shin

In this article we will explain 5 values that are important to Patrick Shin. These values has helped him a lot in his personal, as well as his professional life. This article will be updated frequently Why are values important? The importance of your values is that they let you know what you stand for. … Read more

Nan Inc Project Engineer Salaries by Payscale

Here you can find an overview of our project engineer salaries by Payscale. This page will be frequently updated. Last Update: 05/21/2021 We do pay our employees well, all information can be found on Payscale as well. Below a quick overview (note that these yearly salaries are estimations) Salaries at Nan Inc Project Engineer: $48k … Read more

New Aiea Public Library Built by Nan inc

Over a decade ago, we constructed the Aiea Public Library. The client was the Department of Eduction from the State of Hawaii. This was one of our biggest contracts with a total value of $8,723,000 About the Aiea Public Library The library opened on July 19, 2014 and is located on Aiea in Honolulu County. … Read more