Every Nan Inc Lawsuit Explained

Nan Inc has received a couple of lawsuits over the years. All our cases have been cleared up. In this article we will explain everything that you should know about this.

Our Recent Lawsuit Win

This year (2021), we had our recent lawsuit win. In 2019, we were suid by a former employer of us, called Bosko Petricevic. He claimed he was fired from our company after warning not to conduct ”illegal activity” related to the multibillion-dollar rail project.

This case lasted almost 2 years, before a verdict was made. In July 2021, a verdict was finally made, and Nan Inc was found innocent. Read the entire article here. Of course, we were very happy with these results. It’s never a good thing for a company’s reputation to receive a false claim. Allegedly, we would have participated in multiple illegal practices (not all related to the rail project).

Clearing this misunderstanding was our main priority. We’ve never participated in any illegal activities. You can also find the official PDF document, if you want to read the case a bit more in detail.

Receiving a Public Apology

In 2016, Civilbeat published an article with the title “Rail Contractor Gets Public Apology After Bitter Lawsuit Ends”. This case was already 1.5 years old at the time. It’s true that complicated lawsuits can take a while before they are resolved completely.

In 20214, Su Yong Yi wrote the U.S. Small Business Administration. He claimed that Nan Inc, who was part of Honolulu’s $6.6 billion rail project, had defrauded the federal government out of millions of dollars. He stated that Nan Inc took advantage of a program designed to help small, minority-owned companies get off the ground.

This was devasting for the owner of Nan Inc, Patrick Shin. Luckily, in 2016, Yi stated that this entire case was a big misunderstanding. We finally reached a confidential settlement agreement in April 2016 and Yi has sent another letter to the SBA recanting his previous accusations. He wrote that the letter also served as a “public apology” to Shin and their employees.

In the letter written on 15th April 2016, Yi wrote the following. “After further examination of the issues we raised, getting a better understanding of the law, regulations, and the conduct of the Parties over the past two years, we now realize that our accusations were in large part based on various mistakes and misunderstandings”.

At Nan Inc, we were very happy to clear up these misunderstandings. Of course, we understand that this can happen over the years.


Of course, all these lawsuits have an impact on our brand image. According to Warren Buffet, ”it takes years to build up a reputation, while it only takes minutes to destroy it.

A good reputation is essential for a company’s survival. That’s why we believed it was necessary to explain all of our lawsuits in the history of Nan Inc, in this one simple blog article.

If you have any more questions about any of these lawsuits, feel free to contact us here. We are a very transparent company and are always happy to clear up any misunderstanding about our business.

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