Nan, Inc. and Caddell Construction: Celebrating a Successful Collaboration

Some 4,400 miles separate Honolulu, Hawaii and Montgomery, Alabama. At first glance, the two locales might not seem to have much in common. But appearances can be deceiving as evidenced by the successful joint venture forged over 10 years ago between Honolulu-based Nan, Inc. and Montgomery-based Caddell Construction.

The Origins of a Great Partnership Explained

These days Dominic Jeon is a Nan, Inc. project director on Guam. But back in 2009, he was an engineer who didn’t work for either Nan, Inc. or Caddell. But he would end up playing the role of matchmaker between our two companies. 

At the time, Jeon was working on military-related contracts in South Korea alongside Samsung’s construction division. Samsung wanted a slice of up to $4 billion worth of U.S. military design-build work on Guam, but it needed joint venture (JV) partners who had various experience to provide the best chances at landing the work. Jeon had an existing work relationship with Nan, Inc., and thought they’d be a good fit because of their relative proximity to Guam and experience with U.S. military work in Hawaii. Jeon also had heard about Caddell’s military and international expertise. After lengthy discussions with his team, Nan, Inc., and Caddell individually, Jeon arranged a face-to-face meeting between Samsung, Nan, Inc., and Caddell in Honolulu and the three agreed to form a partnership in pursuit of the aforementioned Guam work – eventually adding a fourth JV partner, Manson Construction, to create a powerhouse team to completely address all requirements of the contract. The new joint venture was successful in becoming one of seven contractors eligible to bid for the $4 billion-capacity Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC). Though the U.S. military changed its plans and the contract work never fully materialized, the news wasn’t all bad. From that large partnership, Nan, Inc. and Caddell’s executives realized their styles and strengths were a great fit, resulting in the formation of their own joint venture – Caddell-Nan JV, which has since secured numerous valuable contracts. “It’s a good match. Their [Caddell’s] philosophy and Nan, Inc. ‘s are very similar. And their unique organizational styles complement each other,” said Jeon. 

Caddell Construction: A Closer Look 

Alabama is known as the “Heart of Dixie” and for its southern hospitality. The capital city of Montgomery is known for its historic and cultural landmarks such as the Alabama War Memorial, the first electric street car system, and the Wright Brothers’ first school for powered fights. And in Montgomery, Alabama, back in 1983, founder John Caddell and his wife Joyce decided to form Caddell Construction. Working out of their family home and lawn in Montgomery, Caddell’s business venture quickly outgrew those humble beginnings, expanding to off ces in the greater Atlanta area, as well as in Bentonville, Arkansas. Now a multi-billion-dollar company with a worldwide portfolio of projects, Caddell’s capabilities span over sectors such as aviation and aerospace, advanced technology, healthcare, local and federal government, education, hospitality, residential, retail and mixed use, corporate, power and industrial, and manufacturing. “Caddell is working on 29 projects valued at $3.6 billion presently. Of the 29 projects, 12 are OCONUS [outside of the continental United States], and of those 12, nine are in foreign countries,” says Lainie Cleghorn, Caddell’s Director of Marketing and Proposals.

Nan, Inc. and Caddell’s Joint Venture Success

In 2019, Caddell-Nan JV hit the partnership’s 10-year milestone. The JV marked the year with the team’s successful completion of historic renovation work on the Pacific Air Command’s Headquarters Building 1102 (pictured on page 18) at JointBase Pearl Harbor-Hickam on Oahu. Particularly significant as the work – involving design and construction, and therefore including key team member/ historic architect Mason Architects – was performed under three separate phases/design-build project awards and spanned over a total seven years. Awarded as part of a multi-year, multiphase, multi-contract repair program, the primary goal of all phases was the complete repair of the 14-wing, 3-story, 550,000-square foot historic structure to provide a code compliant and efficient modern office headquarters.

That same year, the JV also celebrated the completion of the new 98,000- SF Medical/Dental Facility at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay (KMCBH), also on Oahu. A welcomed 2-story replacement facility, the newly constructed building consolidated five previously separate locations into one complete and convenient healthcare clinic to better address the needs of the Navy and Marine Corps personnel, families, and retirees. The super clinic houses services for outpatient behavioral health, occupational health and preventative medicine, physical therapy, optometry, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, ancillary patient and clinic support, and administrative departments. Supporting facilities included utilities, site improvements, emergency generator, access road, and parking.

In 2020 and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the JV continues its triumphant streak in Guam. The first awarded back in 2018 was the Apra Medical/Dental Clinic ($57M). In 2019, Caddell-Nan JV was one of f ve contractors awarded the successor Guam MACC contract, this time with a capacity of $990M. And most recently in 2020, contract awards include the design-bid-build new construction of Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) D & F ($204M, and pictured below) and design-build new construction of BEQ H ($103M).

Caddell’s senior vice president of operations, Bob Nanney, attributes the success to shared core values and an unwavering commitment to meeting project quality, safety, and schedule expectations. “Both companies place a particular focus on customer satisfaction, which has been key to our success,” he said. “We look forward to this new project and many more to come,” said Nanney.

Lainie Cleghorn echoes that sentiment: “Caddell and Nan have complementary capabilities and shared core values. Both firms exhibit an uncommon commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering projects that demonstrate the very best in design and construction. Our business relationship has become a personal one—staff from the two forms not only work well together, they are friends.” So, whether it be “Southern Hospitality” or the “Aloha Spirit,” both Caddell and Nan, Inc. continue to build on their successes by putting customers first and providing the best results on each and every collaboration.

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