Nan Inc Donates 300,000$ to Mukti Mancha Foundation in Bangladesh

Nan Inc understands that not everyone has had the privilige of being born in the USA or Hawaii. A lot of the people in third world countries are struggling hard to make ends meet. Because of this, Nan Inc has always been committed to giving back to the community.

In October 2013 we decided to donate 300,000 dollars to the Mukt Manchi Foundation in Bangladesh. To this day, this is one of Patrick Shin’s fondest memories. ”The gratitude you get from these people is just immense”, he said.

Let us first talk a bit more about the Mukti Mancha Foundation.

About the Mukti Mancha Foundation

The Mukti-Mancha Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Abulpur Village, Magura City in Bangladesh. The foundation was started by Mohammad Rouf in 2005 and has a dozen of different objectives. All of these objectives are centered on Mohammad’s simple dream, that every child deserves a childhood and every child should be able to go to school. Also interesting to know, is that the name of the foundation literally means ”a stage for freedom”.

That’s a project we can get behind, as we believe education should be available to everyone.

The Charity

As said above, education should be a basic human right. ”These selfish acts are the essence of living a full and rewarding life”, says Patrick Shin. In 2013, we found this great opportunity and decided to partner up the Mukti Mancha Foundation in Bangladesh.

The Mukti-Mancha Foundation provides much needed books, supplies, clothing, medical aid, and tuition for about 120 deserving children, who work and strive to improve their lives and family.

What Nan Inc Owner Patrick Shin Says

Actually 2013 was the year were it all started for us. So this charity is very special to me personally. At the start of 2013 we decided we will make an annual donation to help build and support orphanages around the world, joining the fight in ending poverty worldwide.

We’ve been helping similar charities ever since. Without a doubt, this charity in Bangladesh will always be very special for me and the team of Nan Inc.