Nan Inc Lends Support To Hawaii Rush Soccer Club

Nan Inc has lend support to Hawaii’s Rush Soccer Club. They have been building top level players for decades with a proven developmental system based on the most successful academies in the world.

”Youth Development & Leadership are very important qualities to builti in the Hawaiian community”, says Patrick Shin, CEO of Nan Inc Construction.

Why does Nan Inc Lend Support to Sport Teams?

Community sports has always been important to Nan Inc. Besides Rush Soccer, we have also supported the Special Olympics, HPU’s soccer program, and the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League in the past. In addition to sports, the company’s giving has focused on disadvantaged youth, cultural nonprofits, medical care organizations, and places of education.

More recently, our giving has focused on the global pandemic. We donated money to help the Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center in their effort to provide food for the community at their various food drops across the island of Oahu. Additionally, we donated gift cards and N95 masks to the Premier Medical Group Hawaii to assist in their effort to provide drive-thru testing for COVID-19. We also donated funds to the Malama Meals Program and to St. Francis’s “Show Aloha Challenge.”

We have made over five hundred charitable donations valued at millions of dollars. This total does not include any of the blood (literally), sweat, funds, and “aloha” donated by our individual employees.